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  1. What To Look For In An Attorney

    What to Look For in a Lawyer: Experience & Expertise: Much like any other profession, no experienced lawyer has started out experienced. They have had a first case – a first 100 cases – and ma…Read More

  2. Is My Credit Doomed if I File for Bankruptcy?

    Is My Credit Doomed if I File for Bankruptcy? NO, it’s not doomed! In fact, most of our clients see a huge improvement in their credit score just by filing a bankruptcy.  In most cases, our clients…Read More

  3. Can I Keep My Car If I File for Bankruptcy?

    People always wonder if they can keep their cars if they file for bankruptcy.  In most cases, the answer is YES, you will be able to keep your car as long as you are current on your payments.  Only …Read More

  4. What To Do on The Other Side of Bankruptcy

    If you’ve recently filed bankruptcy, and you've received your bankruptcy discharge, you’ll find yourself in a different financial world. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to start…Read More

  5. Chapter 13 Versus Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Filings

    If you are considering a bankruptcy filing, you will need to know the differences between a Chapter 13 filing and a Chapter 7 filing. There are big differences between these two bankruptcy filings, an…Read More

  6. The Pros and Cons of Bankruptcy

    Bankruptcy isn’t an easy choice. However, with lenders and creditors at the door, it might be your only option. But it’s a chance to rebuild, and a chance to get a fresh start. Let’s take some t…Read More

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