Paternity cases and disputes may arise when a mother is seeking to establish paternity to collect child support or when a father is seeking to assert parental rights or custody. Whether you are interested in DNA evidence to prove or disprove paternity, or you are interested in collecting or defending against support payments, we have the experience necessary to assert your rights in Court.

At Reganyan Law Firm, we are experienced in the scientific developments in paternity law including DNA tests and necessary Court procedures.

Issues of paternity can be very sensitive in nature and can impact the futures of both the parents and the children involved. I can help you navigate the waters of paternity law. We represent clients who seek to prove or disprove paternity and offer competent counsel in both types of paternity actions. California’s Family Code presumes that if a child is born to a married mother, her spouse is the father of that child. Paternity presumption may be refuted if a court-authorized genetic testing indicates that the spouse is not the child’s father. If paternity is at issue, the guidance of experienced family law attorney is essential to protect both your rights and the rights and best interests of your child.

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