Domestic violence cases can have a serious impact on legal determinations in family law cases. A domestic violence charge may prevent you from custody or visitation rights. A record of family violence may also prohibit an offender from taking certain jobs or obtaining legal rights.

Domestic Violence charges cover a wide range of abuse, including spousal abuse and child endangerment. Any threatening or violent act, even if the accused did not intend to harm or compromise the safety and security of the victim, could be grounds for prosecution under the California Domestic Violence laws.

Examples of domestic violence abuse include:

• Threats

• Intimidation

• Annoying Phone Calls

• Stalking (such as following the victim to and from work and threatening the victim)

• Physical Assault or abuse

• Verbal, social, and sexual abuse.

If you are asserting or defending against a domestic violence charge, obtaining professional and proven successful counsel is a must. Domestic Violence cases are treated differently than other criminal cases and such family law hearings are in fact mini trials. You must take all necessary measures to be fully and effectively prepared.

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