If you have a business or corporation that is currently operating but struggling to pay its debts or  if you are an individual who does not qualify for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy  or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, then a Chapter 11 bankruptcy might be the right answer for debt relief.

A Chapter 11 can help a business or an individual reorganize their debt.   Unlike a chapter 7 a corporation can receive a discharge through a chapter 11 bankruptcy.  In the case of a business filing, the bankruptcy filer will generally keep possession of its assets, and retain control of the corporation – albeit under supervision of a court. Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings are more flexible than Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filings, with many variables to consider, and many ways to structure a filing.

In a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, the Debtor is expected to prepare and confirm a chapter 11 reorganization plan. In order to do so the debtor must jump through many technical loops and meet many critical deadlines.  A Chapter 11 bankruptcy is usually very complex process and you should always consult a Chapter 11 attorney before filing under Chapter 11. In fact corporations are not allowed to file a Chapter 11 without an attorney. If you are considering filing a Chapter 11 you can always call me for a free consultation.

Reganyan Law has represented chapter 11 clients ranging from individual homeowners, restaurants, medical facilities as well as religious organizations. I offer a low price base retainer. Call in to see if your case will qualify for a chapter 11 .  818-649-0879.