Let Robert Reganyan act as your Business/ Corporate lawyer, and provide your company the support you need in Southern California.

Reganyan Law offers Los Angeles County and Glendale businesses and corporations comprehensive services which include:


Corporate Formation:   If you are planning on operating a business it is important to protect your individual assets against any liabilities that the business may incur. In order to do so, one must create a Corporation or an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation).  Call me if you need assisntance in filing your corporation with the Secretary of State.  

Contract Formation: A contract is a written formal agreement between two or more parties.  Whether you are an indvidual or a corporation a well drafted contract is important to protect your rights. If you are a party to a contract and either need assistance in reviewing a drafted contract or need assistance in drafting a contract please call me to discuss. 

Business Litigation:  In most instances businesses file lawsuits against other business or individual because of a contract that has been breached.  If one party fails to perform under the contract that party is breaching the contract and can be sued.  If you are facing a lawsuit or are planning to sue you can call me to discuss the merits of your defense or your case. 

Non-Legal Business Consulation Services:  Having obtained an MBA and through my chapter 11 reorganization experience, I am able to assist clients with general business needs such as drafting a business plan, debt reorganization plans outside of bankruptcy along with negotiating with your Creditors outside of bankruptcy forum.  


So, set up your free consultation with your new Business/ Corporate Lawyer Robert Regnyan, today.