What to Look For in a Lawyer:

Experience & Expertise:

Much like any other profession, no experienced lawyer has started out experienced. They have had a first case – a first 100 cases – and made mistakes. But making these mistakes has given them a chance to gain experience and avoid those mistakes today.

Expertise and focus on a practice plays a similar role. If an attorney spends his time taking cases from one area of the law to another, they won’t have a chance to gain as much experience in a specific area of the law as say, a bankruptcy attorney would in bankruptcy law.


A great lawyer knows what’s at stake for their clients. Every case is different, and a good lawyer knows listening to the details can help do the best job.  After all, a client comes to a bankruptcy attorney when they are in extreme financial distress which causes distress in all areas of their lives.   So having a compassionate ear goes a really long way for an overall positive experience when embarking on a decision to file a bankruptcy.

Communication and Responsiveness:

An important question to ask is, “is this attorney someone I can communicate with easily?”

An attorney-client relationship usually lasts a few months, sometimes even longer, and it is important to choose an attorney that not only can explain things to you well – but who will be responsive and honest with the details of your case.


A dishonest lawyer can cause a lot of money loss, pain, headaches and heartaches towards the client.  It’s a hopeless feeling not being able to rely on the one person you are suppose to rely on, your attorney!  Sometimes, the honest advice is for a client to stay out of bankruptcy or to file a different chapter.  A dishonest lawyer will guide the client in a way that serves the attorney and his pockets rather than the client’s best interests.

How Do You Find This Out?

A simple way to get a feel for a lawyer would be to read reviews! Google, Yelp, Business Consumer Alliance, Avvo.com, a site dedicated to reviews for attorneys,

One can even go the “old-fashioned” route and call an attorney’s offices and talk to them directly – not only getting a direct explanation of what the legal process would look like for you, but also seeing if this is someone you can feel comfortable working with over the next few months.  You can usually get a good sense of a person and an attorney from a 10 minute conversation with them.


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