After you file for bankruptcy a creditor is no longer allowed to pursue any collection actions on your discharged debts including contacting you. In fact, it’s a federal crime for them to do so.

This is why in most cases creditors who still continue their collection efforts are simply unaware that you have filed a bankruptcy– or may not even know that it protects you to the extent it does.

If a Creditor is still contacting you after your bankruptcy, simply inform them via telephone or written correspondence that you have filed your bankruptcy and give them your bankruptcy case number.  This should stop almost all continued collection efforts.  However, if they continue to do so, then keep all the evidence of all of the times that they contact you as well as evidence that you have informed them of your bankruptcy filing.  Continued harassment can lead to the Creditor receiving sanctions and penalties including paying your attorney fees.  Even if you have not listed them as a Creditor in your bankruptcy petition, it is very likely that your bankruptcy will discharge the debt, unless the Creditor is suing you for fraud or other types of Non-Dischargeable debt.

At Reganyan Law Firm, we assist our Bankruptcy clients with these issues and provide the notices and correspondences for those Creditors who choose to violate your bankruptcy protection.  If they continue to harass we will take them to Court and get sanctions against them.

If you want to put a stop to collection efforts, wage garnishments, foreclosure, or harassing phone calls but haven’t filed for bankruptcy yet, call Reganyan Law Firm for a free consultation and within 15 minutes you’ll know if you qualify for a fresh financial start.